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30 Nov

Another from my Sanrio project. Seemed like a natural match for Kiki & Lala.


Francis vows revenge.

30 Nov

I always thought Francis didn’t get enough attention.

Image ©2010 Steve Dressler.

Hill Valley Hover Society.

29 Nov

Less than 5 years away!

I always loved the colors of Marty’s board.


regal beagle.

29 Nov

I had this image rolling around in my head since I first watched Three’s Company as a kid. I finally got around to getting it out on “paper.”

Image ©2010 Steve Dressler.

frankenstein sinatra.

29 Nov

A new version of an older idea I had a while back.

Image ©2010 Steve Dresssler.


22 Nov

Buy him for me!


20 Nov