Ziggy Nixon Interview

8 Feb

A few weeks ago, I got contacted by a blogger to do an interview. Turns out, it was really great and I got to organize a lot of my thoughts concerning my artwork and the person who I am in 2011. Ziggy has a great blog filled with interviews of some very impressive people and I’m honored to be part of that list.

Here’s some choice quotes that make me sound like I’ve got the world figured out.

“I’ve known designers that let their ego get in the way of pleasing the customer. It’s commercial art. Keep your feelings for yourself.”

“The difference between a blank page and an empty stage is the audience. Most times its easier to approach an empty stage.”

Go have a read and let me know what you think. On a personal note, some of the punctuation got changed and I sound a little long-winded, but it’s a very interesting process when you have to put your biography into words.



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