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28 Feb

Based on the Korova Milk Bar in the film A Clockwork Orange.

There used to be a Korova Milk Bar in the east village. It was a fun place.


banksy’s acceptance speech.

17 Feb

With the Oscars fast approaching and new Banksy pieces popping up all over LA, I figured I would jump the gun and render Robin Gunningham aka Banksy’s inevitable Oscar win.


UPDATE: He lost.


north by northwest.

29 Dec

Saw this film the other day. Couldn’t picture the poster in my head because the original one is less than memorable.

Had to make my own.

some stop motions.

23 Dec

I got a new app for my new iPod. Here’s a sampling from my brain…

The Big Dog.

20 Aug

My friend Eric Appel directed a new short film for Funny or Die. Its 17 mins long. Its the first short film they’ve ever done. Its a pretty big deal. It stars Charlie Sanders, my favorite improv coach I’ve ever had. He wrote this and I saw a number of shorter stage versions of this. Simply put, its fanfugging tastic. I’m pretty proud of both these guys, and the quality of work really shows through. Watch it and enjoy.


marcel the shell with shoes on.

20 Aug

bronson ftw.

10 Jun


Thanks to Axe.