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don’t panic.

9 Feb

After watching the original BBC series, I felt compelled to create my own book cover for The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

black spidey was fanficton.

13 Apr

“There’s been some discussion in the fan press recently about the original idea for Spidey’s black costume coming from an anonymous fan. Well it’s true and I am that fan. Here’s my story…”


Theo learns from Brian Cox.

14 Dec

more dr. seuss for hipsters.

28 Jul



Images ©2009 Steve Dressler.


dr. seuss for hipsters.

23 Jul


Image ©2009 Steve Dressler.

Come to The Hipster Show.

disney zombies.

9 Mar

My friend Kirk started a blog, posting his fictional accounts of fairy tale characters of yore. Its a whole novel, and will be posted twice a week until all ninety some-odd chapters are up. Its a good read.

He asked me to design a banner for him, which I did…

I also designed a mock-up of  a book cover, if legality wasn’t a threat.