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Boba Buffett.

25 Sep

This is what happens when I think of puns.


the johnny cash project.

11 Jul

I decided to participate in this great project. I love Johnny Cash, and it was a fun exercise in tablet drawing. I used over 31,000 individual brush strokes. It is probably the most detailed thing I’ve done with my tablet yet.

Go here, and be sure to click on the [Play Drawing Session] (3x) to watch an animated record of my drawing process.


brooklyn girl.

28 Feb

My friend Jawnee and I decided to improvise a song. He played a few riffs and we just went for it. We were going for an Elvis Costello type of tune. Some of the lyrics make no sense, but them’s the breaks.


30 Nov

Another from my Sanrio project. Seemed like a natural match for Kiki & Lala.

frankenstein sinatra.

29 Nov

A new version of an older idea I had a while back.

Image ©2010 Steve Dresssler.

pic of the day.

19 Nov

poor johnny one note.

12 Nov

Thanks to my dad.