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princess leslie and ron solo.

6 Oct

An update to a previous idea.


Fresh Prince Pez.

21 Sep

Created for Planet Pulp’s show this month based on Sitcoms.

urkelbot rules.

13 Apr

hot chicks room.

23 Mar

Here’s a logo I designed for the bar to be attached to the new UCB Theatre slated to open soon. A sign was hung outside the establishment a few weeks ago and now, due to an uproar, it has to be taken down.

Here’s a link to a news piece that aired last week on a local NY television station.

UPDATE: A happy resolution has been made.

Here’s a pic and article from the NY Times.

don’t panic.

9 Feb

After watching the original BBC series, I felt compelled to create my own book cover for The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

kid “cosmo” kramer.

2 Feb

Sometimes no explanation is best.

Obey ANDY.

10 Dec

With all the Conan love, I figured I’d give Andy Richter his due.

If I parody Obey Giant in the process, all the better.